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Healthy Fried Rice + the Whole Egg Super Food

Moving is never a fun task. It's something we all do at least once, at one time or another in life. It's stressful, exhausting, a pretty good workout and often you lose your favorite pair of shoes (or something else you really like). I just moved last Saturday. Things are still in boxes. The kitchen… Continue reading Healthy Fried Rice + the Whole Egg Super Food

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Spicy Plantain Chips

Plantains get a bad rap. They're those "other" bananas. They taste terrible raw and don't ever really get very soft. But they have potential! They aren't to be compared to bananas, even though they look like giant ones. Instead of thinking of them as a sweet fruit, think of them as a starch (since that's… Continue reading Spicy Plantain Chips


Yummy, Sour Fermented Dill Pickles

Matter that exists on a scale too small for us to visually experience has always intrigued me. Bacteria are one of those things. They're quite amazing. So, naturally when I learned that they weren't all evil, microscopic, disease spreading monsters, I was nothing short of awe struck. Funny enough, the first time I had ever… Continue reading Yummy, Sour Fermented Dill Pickles