Power in the Pose

Hi, I’m Natalie. I’m 26 years young. I exercise at least 5 days a week. I eat healthy 90% of the time. I took these three photos about 15 minutes ago, and about 3 seconds apart… after eating a rather large, delicious brunch of pancakes and bellinis (and then coming home and snacking on homemade pesto + gluten-free crackers).
All too often, people only share the stories and the photos about and of themselves that make their life look glamorous and nothing short of perfect. We scroll through IG and Facebook thinking, “God, I wish I had her life.” Or, “Wow, she is living the dream.” But the truth is, that girl has her struggles and her imperfections too. Just like you and me and everyone who is human.
It’s all about what you portray to the world. It’s easy to hide flaws behind a camera. With the proper positioning, angle, lighting, and time of day — you can make most anything look pretty amazing.
Power of the Pose
I’m in good shape, I’m healthy, I feel wonderful and I’m HAPPY. I love my body. And it’s actually kind of humbling to take photos like these and look at myself, raw and unfiltered or altered or positioned (like in the top right photo) and to not feel a smidgen of, “I wish…” or “If I could just…” To just BE happy with where I’m at right now. Because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Nope, I don’t have a six-pack. Nope, my biceps aren’t large by any means. Nope, my rib cage isn’t naturally tiny. Nope, my boobs aren’t nice and big. All of those things would be nice to have. Sure. But, they’re not an analogy to my wellness. Wellness isn’t having abs or a tiny frame. It’s a connection. A content-ness. A burning love for oneself and a lust for life. Please remember this.

And remember that what you see on social media is totally controlled. Everyone has their own story and their own ups and downs. And plenty of people out there that are bragging through their smart phone’s camera lens are actually damn near perfect (physically). But I guarantee you it took months and years of sacrifice to get there. Lots of time and persistence. 

My overall message: don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t forget about the power of the pose. Just because foodiebabefitnessmama is killin’ it on Instagram, doesn’t mean you’re not killin’ it in real life. It’s not a competition. It’s your life! And if you’re giving it your best shot, your leading a healthy lifestyle, and you’re happy, then you’ve mastered the recipe for wellness. Good job. 😉

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