Hello, beautiful world

Today marks the day that I finally went for it. I have been wanting to start a blog for some time now. Maybe three years. I had one before that I posted simple recipes to when I was still living at home with my mom. I called it Buddha’s Belly and I think it still exists in the world wide web today, deserted and waiting to be renewed. Yet, I have different plans. It’s a new year, and cliché as it sounds, I am ready to start over. Begin fresh. Resolve. I don’t mean completely start over as in erase my past or forget anything from previous years. I’m not running from anything I am simply redirecting. Refocusing. Adapting.

Each year of my life has been a new experience with a different, equally important lesson or message (even if at the time I was not aware or am STILL not even as I type this). The point is, I am eager for life. Being in my mid twenties, I have different values now than I did at nineteen, twenty or even twenty-one. I feel like a sponge now more than I ever have. And as I soak up and start to develop, I am overcome with the urge to share. Connect. Relate. Evolve, together.

So, alas. Here I am. In this moment. On this beautiful, mid February day, in “sunny” California (funny because today was a spectacularly bright and warm winter day) making my first, official blog post. Another step in the right direction. A little bit closer to living my version of a truly fulfilling life.

Writing has always been something I was decent at. It was never hard for me to just sit down and start spewing words out. Streaming consciousness makes my heart super duper happy, so it makes sense that I don’t find it troublesome. I am grateful for this characteristic too, because it is a wonderful outlet. We all have personal struggles and demons. It’s how we deal with them that matters. We can’t keep the little devils inside of us forever. Though, we are told that is normal. That being emotional and outlandish isn’t acceptable. But it IS. It’s a part of us. And how can we ever be happy if we can’t embrace our whole selves?  That’s what matters.

So here I am. To share with anyone and everyone who wants a piece. To embrace my whole self. To bring forth my perspective on wellness. To inspire you to seek out a balanced, physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally healthy lifestyle. To provide you with ideas, resources, tips and tricks to help you do just that.

Welcome! And thank you for reading. I hope I can keep you all enticed. 😉


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